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WATCH: The Pack A.D. Dress Up For Desert Dancing In “Big Shot” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on October 2, 2013



Vancouver duo, The Pack A.D., knows how to make some truly hard-hitting garage-rock. Their tracks are filled with an incredible energy that just lets loose with each performance. You can get a taste of that in their video for "Big Shot" where they take their fierce performing skills to the next level.


"Big Shot" takes the duo to a beautiful desert landscape, where they can belt out their loud performance with no reservations. The two ensure that this isn't just another boring live video by dressing up in Bigfoot jumpsuits and dancing like no one's watching. Funny and stylish; it's the kind of video that fits Maya Miller and Becky Black perfectly and makes you want to jump right along with them.


You can watch the video above and keep an eye out for their upcoming album, Do Not Engage, expected out January 28 via Nettwerk Records.


To catch their performance live, you can get your tickets to Culture Collide or see them at any of the dates below!


The Pack A.D. tour dates:




03 – Yakima, WA - Seasons Performance Hall
04 – Spokane, WA - Terrain
07 – Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite
10 – Laguna Beach, CA - The Marine Room
11 – Los Angeles, CA - Culture Collide @ TAIX
12 - Los Angeles, CA - Culture Collide @ Lot 1 Café
12 – Long Beach, CA - Alex’s Bar
14 – Los Angeles, CA - Bardot

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