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WATCH: “The Bling Ring” Full Trailer Gives Us More Glamorous Views Of Hollywood

By Staff on April 24, 2013



We were a little surprised to see that Emma Watson had completely shed the remnants of good girl Hermione Granger and replaced them with the glamorous Hollywood mean girl style for her upcoming role in Sofia Coppola's, The Bling Ring.


After watching the full trailer that was recently released for the film, we have to say that she fits into the part of a celebrity-obsessed socialite burglar perfectly. With this trailer, we get a little more insight into the infamous Bling Ring story and watch as the rebellious teenagers steal from celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and experience their own bit of fame with the media after getting caught.


We are definitely anticipating this film after the bits and pieces we've been seeing in the last couple months. It seems to have a very vibrant energy to it with memorable lines like Emma Watson uttering a whiny, "I want to rob," that instantly caught our attention. If Sofia Coppola's previous films are any indication of what this movie will be like, we're certain it'll be one worth watching!


The Bling Ring is due out in theaters in limited release on June 14.

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