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WATCH: The Black And White Years “Embraces” Childhood Stories (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on March 7, 2014



Imagination and creativity go a long way when reminiscing about days of old. Austin-based band The Black and White Years dive deep into their youth for their newest music video for "Embraces."


Check out our premiere of this heartwarming nostalgia above.


The opening track of this year's Strange Figurines, sets the scene for this classic hero vs villain tale recreated by children. The tiny thespians truly bring the lyric, "I would die for you/But only if you need me to" to life, even if it's only with costumes, water guns and apple grenades.


It's a perfect music video to break away from the realities of life and take you back to a more carefree time. So go up and watch and then pick up The Black and White Years' Strange Figurines!

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