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WATCH: Talking Southern Style with Baby Bee at SXSW

By Staff on May 19, 2014



SXSW was so jam-packed with new bands to see that, even though the party ended a few months ago, we’re still catching up with all the performances that came out of it. Enter Baby Bee, the Louisiana brothers who played a rockin’ set at our Haggar Showcase.


These stylish Southern gents gave us some insight into their sartorial influences--from Fats Domino to The Hives--before playing an acoustic set at the Haggar Slacks Lounge.



The Cajun rock and roll siblings mix the carefree spirit of New Orleans with the raucous swagger of rock and roll greats that came before them--a mix of influences that comes across loud and clear when you hear and see them.


Watch Joe and David Stark talk about their style icons, the matching outfits, and who makes the fashion-forward choices in Baby Bee.

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