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WATCH: Sucré Covers Nick Drake’s “Place To Be”

By Staff on February 1, 2013


WATCH: Sucré Covers Nick Drake’s “Place To Be”


“Taking on a big task” might be an understatement when referencing an artist that's attempting to cover Nick Drake. Drake is arguably one of the best songwriters to have graced pop music and Sucré does him (and "Place To Be") proud. 


The tempo is perfect and vocalist Stacy Dupree-King even sounds strong enough to surpass Drake’s subdued vocal approach, if we dared to be on the edge of blasphemous. The minimal arrangement gives both instruments places to sparkle through; everything about this is just solid.


In addition to the video the band has also announced a show in New York City at Webster Hall on March 23rd, with tickets going on sale on Friday. The band has been hard at work recording their sophomore album, with a hopeful release sometime in the spring or summer. Their debut album, A Minor Bird, is available on itunes now if you have haven’t picked up a copy yet.


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