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WATCH: SKATERS Get Rowdy In “Deadbolt” Music Video

By Staff, Directed by Charlie Hogg on November 6, 2013



If you've never had the chance to see SKATERS' live performances, then there are a couple of things you need to know. One: you're missing out; two: don't worry too much, because we're bringing you a glimpse of it in their music video for "Deadbolt"!


There is a reason why they are known for their energetic, rowdy shows and you'll need to see it for yourself above!


Directed by Charlie Hogg, the video for "Deadbolt" depicts the boys' lives on the road. Beer, instruments strewn about and crowds going wild have become old hat for the New York group, but this level of rock band debauchery doesn't get old!


Be sure to look out for their debut album, Manhattan, set to drop on February 25 via Warner Bros. Records. You can also pick up the vinyl single "Deadbolt" digitally now and the 7" on Black Friday / Record Store Day, November 29.


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