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WATCH: Sigur Rós Releases Calming Video For “Varúð”

By Staff on June 6, 2012


WATCH: Sigur Rós Releases Calming Video For “Varúð”

Sigur Rós has released a captivating video for "Varúð," a single from their latest release, Valtari. This 6:43 video features a jagged, mountainous landscape towering over running water. And over the course of the video, all we see are slight shifts in the weather and tone, and two people flashing lanterns at each other from across the water. It's pretty beautiful and meditative.

"Varúð" is part of Sigur Rós' 12-part "Mystery Film Experiment" in which 12 different directors create videos of the band's songs. Directors for this project include John Cameron Mitchell, Ryan McGinley, Ramin Bahrani, Alma Har'el, Clare Langan, and many others. The director of this particular video is Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir, the same person who created the cover art for Valtari.

Watch the video for "Varúð" below.

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