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WATCH: See The Heartbreaking First Minutes of the New Elliott Smith Documentary “Heaven Adores You”

By Staff on June 16, 2014



The Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival last month, and while there’s no wide release date yet, the first few minutes of the film are available to watch online. The documentary, directed by Nickolas Rossi, is the first to get permission to actually use Smith’s music, and also features more than a dozen of his previously unreleased songs.


The short clip focuses on Smith’s sudden rise to fame after his performance of "Miss Misery" at the 1994 Academy Awards, and shows his struggle with handling the pressure and media attention. Hearing Smith humbly claim in an interview with a German reporter that he’s the “wrong kind of person” to ever be a huge star is ironic and heartbreaking, and shows his endearing shyness and indifference to stardom.

Smith died in 2003 at the age of 34, but his legacy has never faded away. If the first four minutes are any indication, Heaven Adores You will no doubt be an emotional look into the mind and music of a troubled but brilliant artist.

Check here for screening of Heaven Adores You in your town and for more info.

(via Pajiba)

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