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WATCH: Sanuk Follows Swell-Seeking Rocker Donavon Frankenreiter on Mustache Madness Tour

By Staff on July 15, 2014



The musician and pro-surfer Donavon Frankenreiter—known for the sizable stache blanketing his top lip—has been in Japan lately, touring with the footwear brand, Sanuk, while he rocks out, hangs with the locals, and does a little surf-shop snooping. The shoe company—born from the mind of surfer Jeff Kelley back in the ‘90s—has partnered with a number of outreach programs and charities around the globe. One of the brand’s “ambassadors” or sponsors, Frankenreiter’s eccentric style is palpable throughout the colorful video, as well as his and Sanuk’s shared love for surfing. The video’s blending of surf with rock and roll hints at their likenesses, reminding us of their mutual beginnings as the rebel’s hobby.

Witness Donavon’s journey above.

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