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WATCH: Real Estate #STANDFORSOMETHING With Dr. Martens In Austin

By Staff on May 14, 2014


The guys of Real Estate joined us in Austin during SXSW to play an acoustic version of “The Bend” as a part of the Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign. Armed with nothing but their acoustic guitars, they still manage to re-create the beautifully melancholic emotions behind the song, albeit instrumentally stripped-down.


The #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign, which emphasizes individuality and the right to self-expression, highlights the work of bands and musicians who embrace their uniqueness, and the guys of Real Estate talk about that in their interview. “We’re a band that doesn’t really have an angle or a gimmick, and we’re not looking for one,” says bassist Alex Bleeker.


Check out what else they had to say and stay tuned for more #STANDFORSOMETHING performances soon.

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