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WATCH: Okta Logue Takes You Away With “Mr. Busdriver” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on October 30, 2013



We had an amazing time watching Germany's psychadelic group, Okta Logue, at Culture Collide this year and were glad to see them play songs from their album, Tales of Transit City, live. If you couldn't see them, no worries! We're premiering their lyric video for "Mr. Busdriver" that sounds just as great and invites you to sing along.


With swaying synths, steady beats and an airy voice, it's the kind of song that takes you to another place, which only seems fitting for a song with lyrics begging to be taken away. With a bouncy melody suddenly appearing in the middle of the track, "Mr. Busdriver" is sure to be a track that twists and turns itself into your subconscious for the rest of the day.


So start playing that video and sing along with Okta Logue. Then be sure to pick up their album, Tales of Transit City if you haven't already!

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