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WATCH: Matt Pryor Goes Back ‘Seventeen Years’ (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on May 31, 2011


WATCH: Matt Pryor Goes Back ‘Seventeen Years’ (FILTER Exclusive)

Matt Pryor just can't seem to get enough action recently. Musically that is!

The Get Up Kids' frontman has recently announced that he has started working on his follow up to his 2008 solo album, Confidence Man. Titled May Day, Pryor's plan is to write, record and complete work on the album all during the month of May (get it?).

To help finance the entire project, Matt Pryor is recalling his DIY roots by turning to, a website that collects pledges from fans to fund his new album. Incentives for pledges range from vinyl test presses, screen-printed posters, unreleased material, guitars that he recorded with, and more. At this point, Pryor has already raised over $22,000 towards his $10,000 goal. In return, Matt is releasing new acoustic videos every week through June 1st with songs from his unreleased album, Still There's A Light.

Well lucky for you, we are big Matt Pryor fans and today, you get to watch an exclusive video of Matt performing his song, "The Last Thing Seventeen Years Ago..." from his unreleased Still There's A Light record.

You can get your hands on this record and many other little goodies after contributing to Matt's Kickstarter program. Click Here to start pledging.

You can also watch him perform his tune, "Nobody Gives A Damn," from that solo effort, Still There's A Light, below.

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