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WATCH: M.I.A. Debuts Self-Directed “Double Bubble Trouble” Video

By Natasha Aftandilians on May 19, 2014



M.I.A. has put her directorial talents on display in her new video for “Double Bubble Trouble”; the result is a hyperactive visual mosh pit of sex, drugs, and 3-D printed guns.

Whatever socio-political statement M.I.A. is making (Guns are bad? Guns are cool? I’m still not quite sure), she’s doing it guerrilla style; the homemade graphics and visual effects look like a Tumblr-spawned fever dream of bright colors, GIFs, and adorable French bulldogs.


The urban street wear-meets-global influence aesthetic is signature M.I.A. style: from the gold chain grills and graphic full-face veils to the graffiti-scrawled tracksuits and Japanese body paint. Perhaps this is M.I.A.’s vision of the not so distant future, where gangs of youths will roam the streets with zebra print plastic AK-47s under that watchful gaze of LED drones.


The visual whiplash you feel after watching this video is aggressive but intoxicating, like the track itself, which is half reggae slow jam, half trap anthem. Leave it to M.I.A. to blend genres into one odd new package.

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