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WATCH: Kriget - “Holy Mountain”

By Staff on December 18, 2012


WATCH: Kriget - “Holy Mountain”


Swedish super-label INGRID has been pushing the envelope since it's debut earlier this year, and latest signing, Kriget, is continuing that trend. Comprised of Christoffer Roth, Gustav Bendt and Per Nordmark, Kriget (Swedish for War) take inspiration from pioneers in the margins of pop, with just bass, drums and a really angry sounding saxophone. There's nothing obvious about what their doing, and that's the beauty of it. Their 7" for the killer track Holy Mountain is out digitally now, and will drop physically in February via The Control Group in the USA. Make sure you check out the video for it below, it's something else. Pretty sure what happens to the dude is the same thing that happened to me the last time I visited Stockholm. It was a nice trip! 

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