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WATCH: Kate Earl Stands Her Ground In New Video For “One Woman Army”

By Staff on November 7, 2012


WATCH: Kate Earl Stands Her Ground In New Video For “One Woman Army”

The age-old phrase "less is more" isn't always as satisfying as it sounds. Like when you reach into the freezer to find that your roommate ate two-thirds of your mint cheap ice cream—"Less is more," one.

But when it comes to music, this phrase often rings too true. Take L.A. singer/songwriter, Kate Earl, for example, who showcased her entrancing folk/pop last month at CMJ 2012. Kate Earl just released the video for "One Woman Army," the second track from her upcoming third record, Stronger, available November 20 (Downtown Records).

This faithful anthem features simple pop and country-tinged melodies carried by the singer/songwriter's unwavering voice and steadfast lyrics: "Never knew what I was signing up for/knew it was hard, but not this hardcore/never gonna stop/never gonna give up on you." 

Like the melody, the visuals contain the same minimal effect, focusing primarily on Earl's determined brown eyes and concentrated face. She is serious about fighting, protecting, and even dying for her loved ones. Dream girl status achieved. After watching the video below, click here for Stronger-related details via iTunes.


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