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WATCH: Juana Molina Shares A Tender-Hearted Monster In Video Of Her New Album’s First Track, “Eras”

By Staff; directed by Mario Caporali on November 1, 2013


The fantastic creatures of Halloween may be gone by now, but we aren't in the clear completely just yet: Juana Molina is here with her creature, the Bichapong, and its tender demeanor may not creep you out, but just wait till it opens its mouth.


On Tuesday, Juana Molina released her most recent contribution to the modern electro-folk movement with Wed 21, and with critical acclaim, it’s receiving a hearty reception. Today, Molina releases a music video for track one off the album “Eras” directed by Mario Caporali and inspired by the record’s artwork by Alejandro Ros.

The video follows a lonely creature called a Bichapong who resides in the upstairs of a dilapidated old house, fashioning mysterious potions with it’s mummy-wrapped hands, while some sort of on-going zumba/jazzercise session takes place downstairs. It’s a testament to the creative whims of Molina and it teams well with the pulsing dynamics of a song fashioned with traces of the world music genre, with bouncing, syncopated rhythms, yet incredibly pop-oriented in vocal hooks and melodic accessibility.

Sneak a peek of the video above and pick up Juana Molina’s newest album Wed 21 out now via Crammed Discs. 


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