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WATCH: Joyce Manor Summon Grandson and Son And Puppets For New Video (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on September 18, 2012


WATCH: Joyce Manor Summon Grandson and Son And Puppets For New Video (FILTER Premiere)

Joyce Manor is the kind of band that occasionally sings out of tune, records their guitars a little too pumped up and can switch from a quiet lullaby to an all out punk jam in the matter of a 2 minute song, and it works perfectly.

Born out of a drunken escapade at Disneyland, Joyce Manor has been steadily making a name for themselves in the music scene for the last few years leading up to the release of their second full length, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired and today, we have a new video from that album to share with you all.

Actually, you get two tracks in the video we're showing you today, for their tracks "Drainage / If I Needed You There." We asked the band and the creator of the clip, Grandson and Son, to give us a little info about what we're seeing, see their answers below.

From Matt Ebert, bassist in Joyce Manor:
"Grandson and Son emailed us with a 20 second video clip and asked 'hey, want me to finish this?'  We were intrigued to say the least, so we let them do their thing.  We didn't have any creative input in the video, but it came out exactly as I would have liked it to."

From Grandson and Son on the story behind the video:
"Every puppet needs a kid and every kid needs a puppet. My neighbors were just visited by Children's Services over the wee ones black eye a few days before and there was talk of them taking their kids away. I can vouch that there's was nothing bad going on-they're fucking crazy- but not child abusers. The idea came to me shortly after. We all get a little distracted from the good things sometimes..."

From Grandson and Son on finding Joyce Manor:
"A friend gave me the album [Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired] and told me to "eat it for twelves". I got what he meant after my first listen and a hundred times afterward."

Enjoy the video and pick up their album, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, right here.

You can also catch Joyce Manor on the road in the coming months including a stop at this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Tour Dates:

15- Los Angeles, CA- Center For the Arts, Eagle Rock w/ Hop Along, ACxDC, Merry Christmas
19- Flagstaff, AZ- Tacos Locos
20- El Paso, TX- The Naylair
21- Dallas, TX- Club Dada w/ Hop Along
22- Houston, TX- Walter's w/ Hop Along
23- New Orleans, LA- The Big Top w/ Hop Along
24- Jacksonville, FL- Phoenix Taproom w/ Jr Meowzer
25- Pembroke Pines, FL- Talent Farm w/ Hop Along, Jr Meowzer
26-10/28- Gainesville, FL- FEST 11
29- Birmingham, AL- The Forge w/ Burning Love
30- Nashville, TN- The End w/ Burning Love

1- Austin, TX- Mohawk w/ Superchunk, Imperial Teen (part of FFF Nites)
3- Austin, TX- Fun Fun Fun Fest!!


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