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WATCH: Japanther Gets Noisy for Wilcox Sessions (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on June 4, 2014



Noise-rock duo Japanther stopped by the LA studios of Chris Litten and Menaka Gopinath, the curators and creators of Wilcox Sessions, to play their new track “Do It (Don’t Try)” and we’ve got the exclusive premiere here at FILTER.


The Wilcox Sessions are part LA house party, part film set, where bands show up and play intimate sets for the cameras in a number of cool locales around the city, from living rooms to local bars. Each video has its own unique look and feel, and for Japanther they seem to be recreating Paul McCartney & Wings Band on the Run album cover (thankfully minus the matching uniforms).


The track, off their latest album Instant Money Magic, is a blitzkrieg of happy noise and fatalistic chants of “do it do it do it do it don’t try.” Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly keep it simple with their set-up, using old public telephones as microphones, and the easy drum-guitar formula works for their raucous dance-punk offerings.


Check it out above.

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