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WATCH: Har Mar Superstar Gets Lusty In New “Restless Leg” Video (NSFW…Kind Of)

By Staff on May 12, 2014



Everyone’s favorite flamboyant singer-songwriter Har Mar Superstar returns with his new song “Restless Leg,”(from his upcoming album Bye Bye 17) and the accompanying video is filled with all the raunchy puppet sex you might (or, honestly, might not) expect.


The video for this joyously upbeat track shows Sean Tillmann as he falls head over heels for a gorgeous blonde…puppet. Obviously, it’s an awkward situation for all involved, especially the confused lady puppeteer, but these star-crossed lovers can finally be together when our Superstar has his wishes granted and is turned into a puppet too.


There’s a lot of NSFW puppet lovemaking and other shenanigans, so if that’s your thing you’re gonna love this video. 

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