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WATCH: GRMLN Releases New Song “Night Racer” + Video

By Staff on February 21, 2013


WATCH: GRMLN Releases New Song “Night Racer” + Video


Last time we checked up on GRMLN, we were asking frontman Yoodoo Park about recording music, celebrity crushes, favorite albums and spirit animals. Now the the indie rock quartet from Santa Cruz has brought us some fresh stuff to feast our eyes and ears on: the video for their new song "Night Racer"!


The tune has an uptempo beat accompanied by hazy vocals and infectious riffs with melodies that are bound to play all day in your head. The video features actor Chase Ellison racing through GRMLN's home state of California through the night. We can't help but say that the video itself has a Drive kind of aura to it. It also shows a contrast of a fast-paced nightlife when driving versus a much more peaceful, and literally backwards world when driving through the day.


Make sure to check out the video below for yourself and stay tuned for new music from GRMLN this summer!


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