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WATCH: Get Crazy In The Woods With INVSN’s “Down In The Shadows” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on September 24, 2013



While we love our share of new singles from bands that we love, a good old fashioned performance music video really tends to hit the spot. Leave it to Dennis Lyxzén (Refused) and his new musical project INVSN to present us with a spooky and fun video of the band performing "Down In The Shadows" in the dark and stormy wilderness.


You can check out the FILTER premiere of INVSN's latest music video above, and check out our Q&A with the post-punk frontman below!

How is INVSN different from your previous musical offerings in its approach?

Not that different. I always try to approach art, music and life the same way no matter what context it is in. The biggest difference would be that I write the lyrics in Swedish first and then they get adapted and translated into English. I guess that would be the difference in approach. Apart from that it is still always "What would Black Flag do?" Old Black Flag that is!!!!

Do you find yourself reinvigorated from the Refused tours and has that changed the way you play live?

I wish! The Refused run of 2012 was great fun but also hard work. From the first show we played in February of 2012 until February of 2013, I played 102 shows (82 with Refused and 20 with INVSN) and recorded 2 full-lengths - The AC4 record and the INVSN record. Plus I've pretty much played the way I play live since my first show back in 1987, the good old approach of "you have no idea what you are doing so just go for broke, every time.”

What feelings does music provide for you these days that are perhaps different from when you started out making music as a kid?

Yes, when I started playing music it was something that I needed to do to soothe my soul and to get rid of all my anger, angst and restless energy. I never thought that it would become a real thing. I was just a punk that needed an outlet. Figured that it was something that I would do until real life catches up and forces you to get a real job and to become like "the others". But real life never came and one day I woke up and realized that this is my life. This is my job and I am fairly good at it. And then of course it is a different feeling. However, music still makes me very excited and I still go to all the local shows and I still love to discover new songs and new bands so that has not changed.

What is your favorite place to play (not necessarily a city or country, but a type of place, or a vibe)?

I don't really have a favorite per se. Some days I love to play the small punk club without the monitors and just people punching me in the face and some days I love to play the well organized rock club and even some days I love the festivals. To me it is just a change to play and I am still grateful for that opportunity and I don't really grade shows in terms of how many people showed up. But if I had to make a choice it might be the punk club. Small and sweaty and intense.... but maybe with a functioning monitor system!!

What lessons have you learned in your career that you would pass down to your fans and followers?

Punk rock taught me a couple of lessons. First of all, never see other people as fans or followers - see them as your peers and equals and just people. Leave that rock star bullshit for people without ideas. It also taught me to question everything - make up your own mind and always remember to stay curious, stay angry and stay wild. F


INVSN is out today! Be sure to get the album via iTunes now!

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