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WATCH: FILTER & Dr. Martens Present 48 Hours In Austin: The Airplane Boys At SXSW

By Staff; Photos by Marc Lemoine on June 4, 2013


As our 48 Hours in Austin series comes to a close, we bring you the musings and music of Canadian duo The Airplane Boys. The longtime friends of Dr. Martens made the trek all the way from the Great White North to come hang out at the Dr. Martens House at SXSW. 

Seamlessly united in spirit, The Airplane Boys cite a wide array of influences, from Kanye West and Daft Punk to Pink Floyd and Earth, Wind & Fire. Refusing to be pinned down to one musical genre, they describe their sound as "music from the beautiful future."

Keep your eyes and ears open for their upcoming video for "Young Kings" on VEVO and a new album, LVBM Vol. 1.

All images by Marc Lemoine. Check out more of his lovely work here


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