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WATCH: Feist Performs Inside A Crypt

By Staff on October 4, 2011


WATCH: Feist Performs Inside A Crypt

Last night, Feist played a secret show at Harlem's Church Of The Intercession. She played some songs from her latest record, Metals, which is out now via Cherrytree/Interscope.

You can catch a video of Feist playing "So Sorry" below. The video was obviously shot by a fan, so there's some shaky shots, some bad panning, and some awful zooming. Fortunately, those elements come and go and do not distract from the performance. Feist played in a crypt of the church, which is probably why it is extremely dark, except for a soft spotlight on her. The sound is also soft, so be sure to have your computer's volume louder than usual.

Also, how many performers do you know that perform barefoot on stage? Well, with this video, you now know Feist is included in that list, good thing she's standing on a carpet, otherwise who knows what she might get from the crypt's floor.

For our review of Metals go here.

"So Sorry" video:


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