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WATCH: Elastic Sleep Combines Light and Dark on “Leave You” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on May 21, 2014



Irish shoegazers Elastic Sleep combine dreamy fuzz-pop and impressive guitar licks in their new track “Leave You” off their latest EP.

Lead singer Muireann Levis’ voice is delicate and dreamy, but still manages to rise above the swirl of cymbal crashes and wailing guitar into a subtle crescendo. It’s the guitar work that spares “Leave You” from falling into the abyss of typical dream-pop territory. Without Levis’ voice to soar above the depths and bring some sweetness to the more bitter lyrics, we’d surely drown in the gloomy waves.

The video is a flickering flipbook of silhouettes and shadow puppets; it’s a play between light and dark that echoes the fragile balance between airy, weightless vocals and dark, moody instrumentals that Elastic Sleep are keeping on their songs. 

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