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WATCH: Dirty Beaches Sing For ‘Sweet 17’

By Staff on April 18, 2011


WATCH: Dirty Beaches Sing For ‘Sweet 17’

GEMS is a live music video showcase, curated, shot and edited by a team of filmmakers and producers in partnerships with venues and artists around NYC. Today we get a live video from Canada's Dirty Beaches.

Below, you can watch Dirty Beaches perform "Sweet 17" at Glasslands in Brooklyn this past March. The video is obviously part of GEMS.

All GEMS videos are shot, edited and produced in collaboration with the artists, their reps, the venues and promoters.


You can get more info about GEMS Right Here.

Get all this Dirty Beaches Right Here.

DIRTY BEACHES / SWEET 17 / GLASSLANDS from Giovanni P Autran on Vimeo.

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