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WATCH: DIIV Frolics In Their Youth With “Wait” Video

By Staff on February 20, 2013


WATCH: DIIV Frolics In Their Youth With “Wait” Video


With their new video for "Wait," off last year's Oshin, DIIV brings us back to the artsy era of vintage films. They feature everything from sunflowers and kaleidoscopes to topless women and Sky Ferreira. Directed by Sandy Kim, the video is shot on Super 8 film, which gives it that hazy, grainy feeling of nostalgia and youth.


The video follows several free-spirited women dancing in fields or generally enjoy the lifestyle of their youth. It captures the fun side of being young in a city and goes through what we imagine that sort of life entails. It is a whirlwind of emotions from fun to sensual to goofy to sad, all with a dreamy backdrop of music.


Take a look for yourself below!



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