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WATCH: Courtney Barnett Debuts US LP Release With “Anonymous Club”

By Staff on April 16, 2014


After garnering plenty of attention in her native Australia, Courtney Barnett’s The Double LP: A Sea of Split Peas was released physically in the US yesterday (on Mom+Pop Records), along with the music video for her track “Anonymous Club.”

Barnett is known for being a witty and poetic songwriter with an emotional frankness which she delivers with almost contradictory deadpan. Her guitar skills and straightforward singing style bring to mind a female Kurt Vile (minus his impressive mane of hair).

In “Anonymous Club” Barnett is an open book, as she recounts an intimate night, singing “Let’s start an anonymous club, I’ll make us name badges with question marks.” She’s perfectly earnest as she asks her friend to spend a night free of cellphones and distractions with her. The video’s Maurice Sendak-style animated creatures go about their grainy black and white world crying and eating each other in a strange, twee vision of Where the Wild Things Are.


With the mellow echoes of her slide guitar wailing in the distant background, it’s as if you can hear the sun setting and rising on Barnett’s wine-filled slumber party. Within the first few seconds it feels like Barnett has invited us into a trouble-free bubble of peace and quiet, and it definitely feels good.


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