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WATCH: Cheer Up With Stone Cold Fox’s “Seventeen”

By Staff on February 27, 2013


WATCH: Cheer Up With Stone Cold Fox’s “Seventeen”


Last October, we featured Stone Cold Fox on our Discover The Undiscovered, and now they're back with a new video for their song "Seventeen"! It's a funny video that captures the harsh and complicated reality of young adulthood.


In the video directed by Kevin Olken Henthorn, a few friends try to cheer up one of their friends going through a break-up. It is filled with ridiculous costumes in attempt to make him laugh, cheerleaders to pep him up and various actions to try to make him let go.


It is a reminder of how things are much easier when you're seventeen, but also more fulfilling in the years after. Watch it for yourself now!



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