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WATCH: Carina Round Showcases Fans’ Heartfelt Messages In “You & Me” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on November 19, 2013



Truly inspiring things can happen when an artist involves their fans in the creative process. Singer-songwriter, Carina Round did just that for her "You & Me" video. Filled with beautiful messages, "You & Me" is a heart-warming video that we're thrilled to be premiering for you today.


Round asked her fans to submit videos of messages to loved ones and then called upon Matt Garton to edit them all into this tear-inducing video. The song, "You & Me," off of last year's album, Tigermending, sets the perfect backdrop with her ethereal voice and moving lyrics. The result is then one that could put a smile on any face.


Read Round's thoughts about this innovative music video below:


"I wanted to feel everyones individual perception of the song in one place. Everyone can relate to missing someone as its such a universal feeling, yet all of the underlying feelings are unique to that person and that situation."


Watch the video above and then be sure to look out for Carina Round's Stageit Show that will take place on November 23 at 5PM PST/8PM EST!


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