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WATCH: Bad Cop Fights Off Dark Thoughts With “Light On” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on May 14, 2013


Thanks to The Smiths, alt rock musicians and fans alike are instilled with an identical mantra à la song title “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

This mantra takes on a more magnificent, visceral meaning when visuals are added, evident in the video for "Light On," by Nashville-based rockers Bad Cop.

"Light On" is the title track of Bad Cop's forthcoming summer EP—produced by Brad Shultz (Cage the Elephant)—which will be released via Jeffery Drag, a label created by BC's frontman: Adam Moult

This first-rate, lo-fi indie jam is born out of darkness. The infectious, repeated phrase “I still kill myself in my mind” recalls a fatal-turned-lingering episode from the band’s past: overdosing on opiates and making it out alive, only to constantly relive this grim tale in one's mind. Though it's an unsettling lyric, it serves a vital and poignant purpose: it's quite the reality check. 

Click play, above, to watch four eerie and unforgettable minutes of Bad Cop battling their inner demons, as they rock out to what will surely be your new favorite song.

Sinister face paint, knives, blood, a shattered mirror and trippy lighting? Yeah...we're gonna leave the "light on" tonight too, Bad Cop. 

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