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WATCH: Angel Olsen Edits Out A Former Lover In New Video For “Forgiven/Forgotten”

By Christian Koons on December 5, 2013


The rituals of forgetting a former lover are vast and varied. In the grainy new video for her upbeat single "Forgiven/Forgotten," Angel Olsen displays a creative new level of diligence: physically scratching the offender frame-by-frame out of the film. 


The lead single from Olsen's upcoming album Burn Your Fire for No Witness is a departure from the quieter folk medleys of Half Way Home. Clocking in at just over two minutes, "Forgiven/Forgotten" has the brevity and ferocity of a breakup--it gets in, does its job, and gets out. The video's director Zia Anger, who's worked with Olsen before, has fun with the analog characteristics of the 16mm film by peppering the footage with lens flares and frame-jumps. 

Burn Your Fire for No Witness is set for release on February 18 on Jagjaguwar. 


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