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WATCH: Andrew Jackson Jihad Does A “Coffin Dance” For New Video (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on June 3, 2014



Phoenix, Arizona's "strange-folk" group, Andrew Jackson Jihad, can make light out of very heavy lyrics. Even their most vulnerable songs contain a bit of whimsy, making them both heartbreaking and comical at the same time. "Coffin Dance"--a track off their latest album, Christmas Island--has a brand new video which portrays that dark quirkiness perfectly. Check it out above.


Directed by Jackson Casey and JJ Horner of Pyramid Country, the video follows a man and his eccentric journey in the comfort of his coffin. Frontman, Sean Bonnette, says, "I have been a fan of Jackson Casey and JJ Horner's work for a while now. Their Pyramid Country videos are a beautiful blend of skateboarding and fine art. We would like to thank them and also the charming star Eric Dowswell, this was a great collaboration!"


Bonnette continues to explain an added level of collaboration that went into "Coffin Dance": "Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart sings the middle verse of this song! It's a wonderful feeling to get to work with someone who has influenced my songwriting so much. It was a true honor."


"I wrote this song in Arizona, Chicago, and Michigan," he continues. "I stole the first line from the film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans. I remember being in a hotel near the airport when I came up with the middle verse. I didn't really know what the song was about when I started writing it, but it led me where it wanted to go and I'm happy that I followed."


Go ahead and appreciate how well everything came together for the video above. Once you've done that, be sure to pick up Christmas Island, available now via SideOneDummy Records!

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