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WATCH: Adam Green and Binki Shapiro Team Up To Make You “Feel Good”

By Staff on January 25, 2013


WATCH: Adam Green and Binki Shapiro Team Up To Make You “Feel Good”


It's been a while since we've last heard of Adam Green or Binki Shapiro since Little Joy's debut album in 2008. But now, we're so excited to hear that the two have collaborated and are ready to grace us with their debut album Adam Green & Binki Shapiro due January 29th via Rounder. While we wait not-so-patiently for next week, the duo has kindly released the lovely video to their first single "Just To Make Me Feel Good" today, via NPR


The video shows Green and Shapiro wandering roads and streets mourning a lost love, living their lives separately, but in near synchronization with each other. The video juxtaposes the concept that while they are alone and away from each other, they are still in unison and are still looking for each other although that isn't their intention. 


Make sure to watch the video below and enjoy the story of two distant lovers that fail to cross paths. Also, make sure to check the track listing below for Adam Green and Binki Shapiro's debut album!



Adam Green & Binki Shapiro track list: 
1. Here I Am
2. Just To Make Me Feel Good
3. Casanova
4. Pity Love
5. If You Want Me To
6. Pleasantries
7. I Never Found Out
8. What s the Reward
9. Don't Ask For More
10. Nighttime Stopped Bleeding

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