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WATCH: Acoustic Guitar Wizard Antoine Dufour Gives Us A Lesson In Latest Ernie Ball “Set Me Up”

By Staff on January 15, 2014



We've said it before, and we're sure to say it again, there's nothing more sacred than the intimate connection between the musician and the instrument. In our latest "Set Me Up" Session, Ernie Ball "fingerstyle acoustic guitar connoisseur" Antoine Dufour proved that point to us yet again!


We've teamed up with the legendary Ernie Ball to create the "Set Me Up" Sessions: where we bring some awesome artists to chat about their favorite stringed instruments and play a little something for us.


The French-Canadian expert joined us in the showroom to talk about how he got started playing guitar and why sometimes the instrument has to speak for itself when words fail you. After Ernie Ball set him up with some new strings, a diagnoses and a quick polish to bring new life to his faithful guitar, Dufour jumped into a beautiful rendition of "These Moments."

Take a look above to get a crash course in brilliant guitar playing. Also keep your eyes open for more "Set Me Up" Sessions!

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