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WATCH: A Slam Dunk With Liars’ Video for “WIXIW”

By Staff on February 6, 2013


WATCH: A Slam Dunk With Liars’ Video for “WIXIW”


After Liars' release of WIXIW last year, they have finally shared a video for their title track. The black and white video (directed by Alex/2Tone) is visually minimalistic, but offers a more profound message rooted in basketball and Greek mythology. Watch this dark and inspiring video below, via Entertainment Weekly.


The video keeps things simple with its black and white scheme, but focuses on the story of the attempt to make a slam dunk and failing every time. Liars frontman Angus Andrew told EW, "It’s like a beautifully shot black-and-white basketball version of Sisyphus,” referring to the myth of a man trying to push a boulder up a hill for eternity with no success.


The struggle is captured in various expressions, along with the feeling of disappointment and letting others down. It is a cryptic video that accompanies the mystery of the song well. Watch the entire video below!



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