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WATCH: A B & The Sea Hang Out ‘In The Sunshine’

By Staff on June 14, 2011


WATCH: A B & The Sea Hang Out ‘In The Sunshine’

A B & The Sea is a band originally conceived in the lovely state of Wisconsin. After picking up their lives and moving to the golden state of California, this group re-vamped their line-up and got to work in San Francisco. Now these boys are "living the dream" and aren't afraid to show it off as you can see in their video for their latest single, "In The Sunshine."

The clip features the band playing out the "perfect summer" filled with cute girls in bathing suits, sports on the beach, ice-cream and of course a catchy, poppy and hook ridden tune.

Watch the Frank Door directed video and Chante Cardoso/Element 151 produced video below.

You can pick up A B & The Sea's latest EPs right here.

You can also grab yourself the "In The Sunshine" single right here.

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