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Via Tania, “If I Had A Heart” (Fever Ray cover)

By Mike Bell on April 27, 2010


Via Tania, “If I Had A Heart” (Fever Ray cover)

Via Tania has become known for her glassy vocal lines and cascading flourishes of organic instrumentation. Her music incites movement, propulsion, and dislocation. Recently releasing album "Moon Sweet Moon" in October with The Hours, and completing a sold out national tour with Icelandic outfit Seabear, Via Tania offers an exclusive peek at a new video she filmed in beautiful New Zealand covering Fever Ray's "If I Had A Heart." 

Via Tania - Fever Ray Cover from The Hours Entertainment on Vimeo.


Keep watch for her new single "Fields" to be released May 4.  Download "Fields" (Lemonade Remix) here.


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