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Via Audio, Babies (FILTER Exclusive)

By Mikela Floyd on December 3, 2009


Via Audio, Babies (FILTER Exclusive)

Two years after the release of their critically-acclaimed album Say Something, Brooklyn- based indie pop quartet Via Audio (Jessica Martins, Tom Deis, David Lizmi, and Adam Sturtevant) have unveiled the plans for their sophomore album, Animalore, a collection of eccentric sounds infused with fairy tales, folklore, science fiction, romance, seduction, and adventure. 

Recording the album in Spoon drummer Jim Eno’s Austin, Texas home studio in 2009, Via Audio tackled their latest songbook as Eno carefully and artfully crafted different sonic palettes for each unique song on Animalore.  The result is an indie rock album that serves as a pop-up book for adults, bursting with vivid colors and secret corridors at the turn of every page.

Via Audio will release Animalore via Undertow Music on February 23rd and the band will be busy supporting the record on the road all year.  You can check out “Babies” from the album here, brought to you exclusively by FILTER.    

Animalore Track Listing:
1. Hello
2. Goldrush
3. Babies
4. Tigers
5. Digital
6. Wanted
7. Too Quiet
8. Lizard
9. Summer Stars
10. Oh Blah Wee
11. Olga
12. Happening 

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