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Tame Impala, Solitude Is Bliss

By Tim Dove on May 7, 2010


Tame Impala, Solitude Is Bliss

When I first watched the new video for "Solitude Is Bliss" by Australia's Tame Impala, I thought it was odd that the music was so happy but the video's images were so depressing.  With flying debris and lifeless bodies scattered about, the main character still manages to dance through the streets.  Then it's apparent that the name of the song is "Solitude is Bliss".

The airy tune uplifts the images of a man battling through crowds and at one point, even a dog.  Tame Impala will be releasing their debut album Innerspeaker on May 21st and will be touring with MGMT starting May 28th.

PS. No dogs were harmed by flying fists in the making of this video.

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