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EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Diego Garcia Gives First Look Into Latest Album “Paradise” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on September 30, 2013


EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Diego Garcia Gives First Look Into Latest Album “Paradise” (FILTER Premiere)


There’s some pretty sweet perks to working here at FILTER. But often, when caffeinating the remnants of late-night concert-going out of our system, the best thing to have is a brand new album to premiere. And seriously, today we are more than thrilled to spread the joy today with the help of Paradise from Diego Garcia.


Born in Detroit, the former Elefant frontman and singer/songwriter has been following the trail of his Argentinian heritage throughout his musical career and was kind enough to share the initial discoveries in the gorgeously crafted 2011 debut, Laura. Using the troubadour’s soft tenor and nylon guitar flurries as the foundation, the artist opens himself to explore a musical landscape of exotic possibilities, earning him into opening spots with acts like The National, Interpol and Morrissey.

Kicking off his newest album with an elegant ballad, “Start With The End” is full of sophisticated compositions that blend Latin flair and pop songwriting. The meandering “Tell Me” and anthemic “Dónde Estás” follow-up beautifully to what is a fine introduction to the artist’s new creative direction.  The radio friendly “Truth Will Ring” acts as a great touchstone to the middle of this album and leads to nothing but romantically-spiced hooks, all the way to Paradise’s sunshine conclusion, “Darling Please.”

It’s difficult to really convey how cool this album feels. Admittedly, we’ve only had our first listen, but whether it’s the world music elements or friendly melodies, Garcia’s clear knowledge of pop-writing etiquette seductively comes across polished and matured. 

Check out the exclusive FILTER stream below of Diego Garcia’s second album Paradise, out October 8 via Concord Records.

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