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POND, Sunlight Cardigan

By Staff on October 20, 2010


POND, Sunlight Cardigan

Most likely you haven't heard of Australia's POND (not to be confused with the Oregon grunge band from the 90's), but you probably have heard of Tame Impala, which this band shares members with. You can get familiar with POND via their new track, "Sunlight Cardigan."

The piano heavy, full-on jamout tune clocks in just shy of four and a half minutes which is massive to today’s song standards. According to Stereogum, this song brings Elton John and David Bowie to mind. I couldn't agree more.

Check out "Sunlight Cardigan" below via Stereogum.

| POND - 'Sunlight Cardigan' MP3 |

You can find "Sunlight Cardigan" on POND's latest effort, FROND, which is out now via Hole In The Sky.

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