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VIDEO Presents: Gardens & Villa, “Black Hills” Live at Origami Vinyl (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on July 12, 2011 Presents: Gardens & Villa, “Black Hills” Live at Origami Vinyl (FILTER Exclusive) is a group of filmmakers and fans who’ve set out to document the artists, musicians and characters who perform in and around Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, California. They've taken the initiative of capturing live, intimate sets in the record store's loft or taking bands out into Los Angeles—on rooftops, surrounding streets and beyond—for one-of-a-kind takeaway shows around the city. Stay tuned monthly for more video features—needless to say, we're pretty big fans of what OnTheRecord's doing—and think you'll be, too.

This week...
Gardens & Villa.

It seems like the Santa Barbara quintet Gardens & Villa came out of nowhere to give us one of the best debut LPs of the summer, filled top-to-bottom with self-contained soundtracks to fry, frolic and fritter away under the sun to. Their self-titled release makes us feel like kids again, with the requisite injection of enthusiasm and uncertainty that go hand-in-hand.

They came into Origami shortly after the release of their new album and surprised the crowd with a stripped-down set. It seemed like they took their LP, dripped some honey on it and let it bake in the sun for a couple hours. Chris Lynch commanded the room with his gliding vocals, imbuing hints of both optimism and pained regret with each verse.

A couple dozen faithful fans were waiting before the band went on. The crowd grew as the set progressed, with curious pedestrians filing into the store to exhaust what little standing room was left and to snag the last copies of the G&V LP once they realized "what was up."

We are proud to present you with "Black Hills" - the opening track off their album, available now on Secretly Canadian.

Check out FILTER's Q&A with Gardens & Villa, and additional tour dates, here.


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