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MP3: Young Galaxy Remix of ‘Cover Your Tracks’ and Q+A (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on February 24, 2011


MP3: Young Galaxy Remix of ‘Cover Your Tracks’ and Q+A (FILTER Exclusive)

February has been a busy month for Montreal's dream-pop outfit Young Galaxy - recently releasing their incredibly brilliant Shapeshifting LP on February 8th through Paper Bag Records, the band are gearing up for their US tour kicking off next month with label mates Winter Gloves. (Tour dates below).

Recently signing to Smalltown Supersound in the UK and Europe, joining a roster that already includes Annie, Lindstrom, ARP and Diskjokke, the label will release Shapeshifting on April 11th across the waters as well.

Download the Midnight Surfer remix for "Cover Your Tracks", Here.

For more downloads from Midnight Surfer visit, head over here.

Check out the original version of "Cover Your Tracks" from Shapeshifting, HERE.

Meet all of your Young Galaxy needs, HERE.

The recently released, Dan Lissvik produced, Shapeshifting, has been on repeat in the office and we at FILTER had a few questions for Stephen Ramsay of Young Galaxy. Check out the Q+A below.

Young Galaxy has had an incredible touring history, getting on a huge tour like Arcade Fire is quite an accomplishment. How did that come to fruition?
Well, the Montreal music scene is small, especially in the English community, so we fell in with Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Stars, etc. just by virtue of traveling the same well-worn paths.. it's a fairly small, friendly circle. With Arcade Fire, we have been friends outside of music for a long time - the violinists, Sarah and Marika, are both from British Columbia like me, and I've been playing basketball with Win and Will for years now. Basketball has definitely brought us closer together. Win and I are often checking each other - so we've gotten to know each other pretty well with each other's armpits and elbows in each other's faces!
Ultimately, they had an opportunity to hand pick an opener for one show in Boston and they chose us - which was very kind of them. It was a very familial atmosphere backstage, like going on a family picnic! Haha. It was great to share something professionally with them after many years of knowing each other. I'd love to do it again...

I must admit, I’ve had Shapeshifting on repeat ever since I got it. What records have been on repeat for you lately?

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
Austra - The Beat and The Pulse
Grimes - unreleased, forthcoming album
The Streets - Computers and Blues

What artists have influenced you the most?

I am influenced by shit-disturbers. I love Bill Drummond of The KLF, Public Enemy, Malcolm McLaren, The Knife - misfits, or people who willfully challenge the status quo. It may not seem obvious when listening to our music or in speaking to me because I'm a pretty mild-mannered guy outwardly, but I have a passionately anarchic belief especially about music. I think music is in a dangerously complacent place right now. Artists have never been more powerless in the bid for exposure in this over-saturated market. You are expected to say yes to everything, to expect nothing, to go through the same cookie cutter process towards becoming accepted and hyped. I think it's bullshit. You won't see another Smiths or another Public Enemy coming out of this environment, because there's no support for, or willingness to nurture unique bands. Sometimes it takes time to 'get' an artist, particularly if they are unusual. In this environment, if it isn't happening for you by album two, you're on your own. So I applaud the people who follow their own path and say no to going through the motions of trying to be accepted. This is art after all. If you're in it for the money, you're in the wrong business!
Shapeshifting features some incredible beats, like For Dear Life and I can’t help but hear some influences from the dance music coming out of Scandinavia right now.  Can you give us a little behind the scenes regarding the sounds and influences on the record?

That's nice of you to say - there was a very conscious effort on our part to make this album more about the rhythms than almost anything else. I think for Dan, it comes innately. He is a Scandinavian dance artist, so he fits the description you speak of perfectly I'd say! We wanted to make a modern psychedelic album, in the sense that I feel some of the best psychedelic music is coming from electronic or dance music now, rather than in the traditional, rock-based sense. We wanted the album to feel metronomic, propulsive, hypnotic - like the listener was underwater being pulled back and forth by the tide. Now that we've realized these ideas, we are excited to articulate them further. I hope our next music is even heavier and more psychedelic, like we've swum towards a deeper, more powerful tide.

What was it like working with Dan Lissvik?

Dan is the man. On top of producing the album, he's become a great friend. He's working off some deep frequencies. He has a very soulful, inquisitive nature. We intend to keep working with him - there is an instinctual connection musically, we feel like accomplishing the same kinds of things. He has the same anarchic spirit I mentioned admiring earlier - he's on his own path. I think he's a very exciting artist, someone with a very distinct talent. It's only a matter of time before the world catches up with him in my opinion.

If you could curate the line up for 1 show, who would you have perform?

'Altamont'-era Rolling Stones
'Brit Award fiasco'-era The KLF
'Rumours'-era Fleetwood Mac
'P-Funk Earth Tour'-era Parliament/Funkadelic
'Thin White Duke'-era David Bowie

...with YG headlining of course!

Young Galaxy Tour Dates
March 10 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
March 17 Boston MA – TT The Bears *
March 18 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge*
March 19 Brooklyn NY – Knitting Factory *
March 21 Philadelphia PA – Ku Fung Necktie *
March 22 Washington DC – Red Palace *
March 23 Pittsburgh PA – Brillobox *
March 24 Akron, OH – Musica *
March 25 Chicago IL – Empty Bottle *
March 26 Fort Wayne, IN – The Brass Rail *
March 28 Winooski, VT – The Monkey House *
* w/ Winter Gloves

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