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MP3: Tokyo Police Club Cover a M83 Classic from 2008, a Covers Project (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Words by Daniel Kohn on September 1, 2011


MP3: Tokyo Police Club Cover a M83 Classic from 2008, a Covers Project (FILTER Premiere)

The wait is over! FILTER is proud to premiere Tokyo Police Club's cover of 2008's track "Kim & Jessie" by M83 as a part of a Covers Project with Polaroid recorded at Red Bull studios in Santa Monica, CA. Download*  the track and check out the cover art courtesy of Polariod film below! Stay tuned for tomorrow's 2009 track premiere here on FILTER. What track could it be? Hmmm....

For the last 8 awesome cover recordings and other information on the project, please visit Take the jump to read up on FILTER's little chat with one of the Tokyo Police Club band members, Graham Wright.

Don't forget to come back here tomorrow at 10am PST to hear our second premiere from TPC's Ten Days, Ten Covers, Ten Years Project!

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| Tokyo Police Club (cover for 2008) - "Kim & Jessie" by M83  MP3 |

For the past week, Toronto-based and FILTER faves Tokyo Police Club have been paying tribute to the ‘00s by recording a cover of a song from each year of the decade. Groups have ranged from The Strokes to Queens of the Stone Age to Kelly Clarkson. In between takes, FILTER chatted with keyboardist Graham Wright about the project, the song selection and offered some words of wisdom for bands at this year’s Culture Collide.

How did you all get involved with this project with Polaroid and Red Bull Studios? Could you elaborate more on the project itself and the inspiration behind it?

Graham Wright: It was one of sort of many ideas that came down. At all times, people in the band, people in management and people at the label etc are thinking of original stuff for us to do and we’re pretty flexible and willing to do new things. This one came along months ago and it didn’t make sense at the time, but the idea stuck around and generally the ideas that stick around are like that for a reason. We collectively thought now we have some time so let’s do it. As for how the corporate sponsors got involved, I’m not super clear on that. Red Bull Studios is looking for bands to record here and we were looking for a cheap yet incredible studio space, so it was a match made in heaven. Polaroid, I can’t recall exactly, though I remember when the concept was being bounced around they were starting to release new cameras and they want to get their mojo back with kids, so they wanted to hook up with a band. I never did the Polaroid thing, it was before my era, but now that we have one that they gave us, we’re ripping it up and using it all the time.

There’s a quite the curious list of songs that made the cut. Any specifics on how they were chosen?

GW: It was finding the right balance between something we liked, but something that wasn’t super obvious and something that people would actually be interested in. I know we did Strokes and Phoenix songs but what if we also did Broken Social Scene and Interpol songs, people would probably be like of course. I think and hope we expanded beyond that a bit. We had our first five songs pretty much arranged the way we wanted them, but left room for more wiggle room to play around with the last five when we got here, it just worked out that way so there’s a difference between them there.

FILTER last caught up with you in Echo Park at last year’s first ever Culture Collide (Block Party). With Culture Collide 2011 coming up, are there any tips you’d give to the bands playing the festival and block party this year?

GW: Before you go on stage, check what the paper next to the stage says the set time is. If it’s 10 minutes shorter than what they told you, talk to someone before you go on or else they may cut you off halfway through your set.

10 words and shout out to your FILTER loves. GO!

GW: Dear FILTER loves; I shout out to you, love Graham. F


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