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MP3: Little Tybee Become Passion Seekers (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on February 7, 2011


MP3: Little Tybee Become Passion Seekers (FILTER Premiere)

Ranging from five to ten members and consisting of instruments like a violin, piano, slide guitar, xylophone and anything they can get their hands on, Little Tybee is a group that is really hard to put your finger on stylistically, and that's the way we like it.

The multi-instrumentalist group could possibly be called folk/indie/tropical/orchestral, but for now let's go with experimental-indie. The group has a new album titled Humorous To Bees arriving in the Spring along with a slew of tour dates.
To introduce you properly to the group and get you excited about that forthcoming album, FILTER has their new tune, "Passion Seekers," to premiere for you.

The single is a sprawling and lazy tune full of slide guitar, floating vocal melodies and orchestral lines that wander all over the place in the most fitting way. Enjoy "Passion Seekers" below.

Humorous To Bees arrives April 5th via Paper Garden Records.

Little Tybee - Passion Seekers
by Paper Garden Records

Stay tuned for tour dates!

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