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MP3: Hostage Calm Release New Song, “Brokenheartland” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photo by Jamie Moore on August 27, 2012


MP3: Hostage Calm Release New Song, “Brokenheartland” (FILTER Premiere)

Connecticut-based punk band Hostage Calm are set to release their new album Please Remain Calm on October 9 via Run for Cover Records. The album was produced by J. Robbins and proves to be an ambitious new direction for the band.

Photo by Jamie Moore

The five-piece band explore what it means to be young in the 21st Century in Please Remain Calm. They explore what it means to try to grow into adulthood during a recession.

And their newest single, "Brokenheartland," is an extension of the above, and we have it here as a FILTER Premiere. Make sure you listen to the track below.

Please Remain Calm tracklisting:
1. On Both Eyes
2. Don't Die On Me Now
3. Brokenheartland
4. Woke Up Next To A Body
5. Impossible!
6. May Love Prevail
7. The "M" Word
8. Patriot
9. Closing Remarks
10. One Last Salute

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