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MP3: Cuff the Duke Winds it Down to the “Diamond Sea” (Sonic Youth Cover) (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on March 6, 2012


MP3: Cuff the Duke Winds it Down to the “Diamond Sea” (Sonic Youth Cover) (FILTER Premiere)

For the past month, you've been following along with us and Toronto-based Cuff the Duke in anticipation for their  fifth album release Morning Comes via  Paper Bag Records. The album is now available and can be purchased, Here. Today, FILTER presents the final track off of the band's collection of covers found in their EP In Our Time. Covering Sonic Youth's "Diamond Sea", here is the last track off Cuff the Duke's In Our Time EP. Read a few words from the band below.

Cuff the Duke, "Diamond Sea" (Sonic Youth Cover) by FILTER Magazine

"We're all fans of Sonic Youth but I have to say, for the record, that they are easily my favourite band of all time. Their uncompromising ability to express themselves through there music and art is unparalleled. Even their more "mainstream" records sounded like nothing else being made at the time. When we were deciding what songs to record I made sure that there was a Sonic Youth song in the running. When I suggested The Diamond Sea everyone was on board. Washing Machine was another record that I bought when I was in high school. I think I listened to it for two months straight. Sonic Youth changed the way I thought about music in every way. I'm proud of our version. We tip our hat to the original but also put our own spin on it." - Cuff the Duke

Check out the other tracks off Cuff the Duke's 'In Our Town' EP below.

Cuff the Duke, 'In Our Time' EP (2012, Paper Bag Records) by FILTER Magazine

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