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MP3: Cuff The Duke Venture Out On “Nashville West” A Byrds Cover (Filter Premiere)

By Staff on February 25, 2013


MP3: Cuff The Duke Venture Out On “Nashville West” A Byrds Cover (Filter Premiere)

Today’s cover by Cuff The Duke is of “Nashville West” by the Byrds, the most apparent influence on Cuff The Duke out of all the bands they’ve paid homage to so far on their newest covers EP In Our Time II.


While the song is an instrumental, the sound of the Byrds feels closest to Cuff The Duke's own sound. The band walks the line between country and rock, taking from both equally unable to be pinned down to either side just as the Byrds did over 40 years ago.

Check out Cuff The Duke’s cover of “Nashville West” and why they decided to cover it below! Cuff The Duke's latest release Union is also out now via Paper Bag Records.



"Nashville West": It's no secret that we are definitely influenced by The Byrds so it made sense to cover one of their songs. We decided not to cover one of their early hits but instead to cover something a little different. We had all been listening to a lot of the "Clarence White" era Byrds records and Francois had been really getting into his style of guitar playing. There were a few sound checks where we played “Nashville West” and thought it would be a great choice. Clarence White isn't one of the most well known guitar players but he certainly is one of the best ever. His style of playing totally defines that era of the Byrds and that's something that has really been influencing us of late.


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