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MP3: Cuff the Duke, “I Hear You Calling (Billy Fay Cover)” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff on February 15, 2012


MP3: Cuff the Duke, “I Hear You  Calling (Billy Fay Cover)” (FILTER Premiere)

This week, Toronto-based Cuff the Duke  and their record label Paper Bag Records  are close to wrapping up the hype and prep work on their upcoming fifth album release Morning Comes out February 28.Today, FILTER presents the fourth track off of the band's collection of covers found in their EP In Our Time. We present Cuff the Duke's very own cover of the Billy Fay  track "I Hear You Calling." Read a few words from the band below.


Cuff the Duke, "I Hear You Calling" (Billy Fay Cover) by FILTER Magazine

"I picked up a reissue of "The Time Of The Last Persecution" by Bill Fay at Soundscapes in Toronto on the recommendation of my friend Jay, who works there. We left on a tour a few days later and the end the entire band was a Bill Fay fan. The song that struck me instantly was "I Hear You Calling". Cuff The Duke started in Oshawa which is a city about an hour east of Toronto. It's kind of like Canada's version of Detroit, minus the Motown. General Motors was the main industry in town for decades. It's a working class blue collar town. When Bill Fay sang the line "All my time is lying on the factory floor" it really resonated with me. Even though I hadn't personally worked at GM I knew many people that did and as that way of life (factory work) seems to be coming to an end in North America the song takes on an even greater to me. " - Cuff the Duke

Check out the other  tracks off Cuff the Duke's 'In Our Town' EP below.

Cuff the Duke, 'In Our Time' EP (2012, Paper Bag Records) by FILTER Magazine

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