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MP3: Criminal Hygiene Get Defiant In “Rearrange Me” (FILTER Premiere)

By Staff; Photo by Ian Campbell on December 5, 2012


MP3: Criminal Hygiene Get Defiant In “Rearrange Me” (FILTER Premiere)

We've all seen it happen: when a friend is up to his neck in an unhealthy relationship. His girlfriend wants to know who's calling him and is often a nag for whatever reason. Some dudes are unfortunately "whipped." Other dudes—three Angelenos called Criminal Hygiene—decide to write a song in defiance. 

Streaming below is nearly four minutes of grunge and garage rock heaven entitled "Rearrange Me": one of 17 tracks on debut LP, CRMNL HYGNE, available January 15, 2013 via Small Smile Records.

There's badass basslines and dexterous guitars, both carried by gruff vocals nonchalantly declaring, "you say I'm inconsistent/you have to admit, I'm fuckin' consistent." If you sing until you're hoarse, you're doing it right. 

CRMNL HYGNE tracklist:

01. Neurtoics
02. Andrew's Song
03. Teeth
04. Rearrange Me
05. Get An Education!
06. Beneath the Flame
07. Dirty Knees
08. Blak Water
09. Full Lunar Eclipse
10. Snow Day
11. Immortal Eighteens
12. Fine!
13. Summertime in October
14. Kangaroo
15. Alan, I'm In Love
16. Neurotics Too
17. Grady Get Angry

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